I realize a lot of this is dated but remember, I chose to cool down with music around 2006 and work tapered off for another 10 years. (And no, I don't miss it! Hey, I'm gettin' old and I'm OK with it!) 

The videos below represent about .00079% of the music work I've done over 25+ years. Some of these are projects I scored to picture and others are compositions of mine that were licensed and then chopped up by the video editors to fit their picture. There's even a music video in the mix. 

Some video clips were pre-production versions or were captured "on-air" so please forgive the lower quality. Strange as it may sound, I usually never see the final version! We, the creative-production people of America, often just move on like sheep to the next project and never celebrate the last endeavor. But at least the clips below will give you a decent glimpse.