Driven since age 9. “I would never have been satisfied if only a few ears "heard" my music. Nope. I wanted 100s of millions to be "touched" by it. My first professional dreams were always geared towards writing music for TV and advertisements.”

Dream #1 accomplished at age 17. "Landing my first nationally syndicated theme song at 17, I went on to create jingles and corporate music, achieving my goal for my music to be heard by millions – and have had a lot of fun with songwriting, arranging, performance, mixing, production, networking and business."

Consistently producing “sellable music” for over 20 years. "Living in musical cities like Minneapolis, Viriginia Beach, Nashville, Portland, OR. and now in Philly. I honed the craft of "sellable music" working with other producers, arrangers, major and indie artists, hit songwriters, and music companies." more...
I am also available for speaking and can talk in depth about:
  • songwriting
  • composing
  • MIDI
  • production
  • live performance
  • computer music
  • digital audio 
  • mixing
  • copyright
  • licensing
  • web-related issues
Please contact me for more info. 

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